Since 1980 advanced solutions for leak testing with helium and the charge of gas.

ESA SERVICE designs and manufactures standard and custom machines for the automotive, mechanical, electrical and domestic and commercial refrigeration.

Thanks to the experience of our technicians, the ability to identify specific and innovative solutions, the use of technologically advanced materials and tools, the quality and reliability of the machines, ESA SERVICE is a reference point in Italy and worldwide.

For the refrigeration industry

ESA Service provides machines for leak detection, vacuum system, charge units of single refrigerants or multiple injector, instruments for electrical safety testing and performance testing. It can provide complete lines keys in hand.

For the automotive industry

ESA Service provides search machines joints on the components for the car air-conditioning, for the holding of the wheels in aluminum alloy, for fuel tanks, air bag, etc.

For the electrical industry

ESA Service provides search machines leak with helium gas for medium voltage switches, charging machines of the insulating SF6 gas recovery unit and regeneration of SF6 gas.

For the mechanical industry

ESA Service provides with helium gas leak search machines for tanks, flanges, filters, ball valves, safety valves, liquid indicators, etc.

High quality

ESA Service produces high-quality machines and systems. For this we are able to offer a wide range of guarantees. Our standard warranty assures products free from defective material or workmanship defects for one year from shipment.

In addition to the customer it is given the option to extend the warranty period of up to 2 or 3 years, purchasing a maintenance program that also includes the re-certification of machines and plants purchased.


Our customers need to get tools and spare parts in a short time to reduce down production costs.
All the components used are listed and marked so as to ensure an immediate identification. In stock are present a wide range of articles and equipment ready for use. ESA Service is able to supply standard of the installations tools and spare parts in 24 hours.


The quality of the plants increases if operators are trained.
If the customer needs a specific course for the application of new plants, our factory can plan a training course tailored to suit your application. The constant collaboration with the customer to ESA Service is always first.