At customer service since over 25 years
ESA Service has been supplying plants and machines for refrigeration, automotive, mechanical and electrical industries since 1980. Our strength is in our techniciansí experience, advanced technology, reliability of machines, prompt and careful service.  

Refrigeration Industry
A complete line of plants and machines for vacuum, leak detection by helium or other gas, refrigerant gas filling units, gas recovery systems, electric safety tests, performance tests on complete lines turnkey.  

Automotive Industry
Plants and machines able to detect leaks on car air-conditioning components, aluminium alloy wheels, fuel tanks, air bag and so on.

Electric and Mechanical Industry
Helium leak detection systems for MV power switches, SF6 insulating gas filling units, recovery and purification of the same gas; leak detection systems for valves, tanks, filters and so on.  

High quality
ESA Service produces high quality plants and machines.
This is the reason why we are able to offer a wide range of guarantees.
Our standard warranty guarantees products without any faulty material or construction faults for one year from delivery.
In addition, the customer can extend the warranty period up to 2-3 years by purchasing a maintenance program including a new certification of the plants, instruments and machines previously bought.  

Our customers need to receive any plant and spare part in a very short time in order to reduce the costs of production stop. ESA Service is able to supply standard plants and spare parts in 24 hours.  

Quality of plants increases if operators are trained.
If you need a specific training for new plant applications, our factory can plan a special course in order to answer all your questions.
For ESA Service the constant collaboration with customer always comes first.  

Commercial Network
Over the years ESA SERVICE supplied a lot of plants all over the world and implemented a technical assistance and commercial network in several countries.